Do you have a large evaluation base to run your analysis on? Tired of rerunning the basic analyses when only your specific analysis changes? We developed OSGi modularity for static analysis to counter this.


The use of static analysis allows developers to analyze the source code of a program. On one hand, developers get accurate data representing any issues with the program. On the other hand, static analysis programs can have lengthy execution times. This results in a large amount of developer idleness, waiting for their program to execute. A developer's debug cycles can be particularly time consuming, when tweaking their analyses. They then have to wait around for long periods of time to test their minor changes. In order to avoid this needless idle time, we have looked into modularizing a static analysis program in order to cut down on time wasted.

Where can I get it?

Git RepositoryWe maintain the source code of the analysis as a GitHub project. You are invited to use it, build opon it, fork it or contribute to it via pull requests. However, we cannot provide any guarantee whatsoever.

How can I use it?


How does it work?

Coming soon

Can I see it in action?

Of course you can! We provide two interesting Docker containers for you to get acquianted to our framework:

Base ImageContains a prebuilt version of SootKeeper and the Apache Felix OSGi distribution

Evaluation ImageContains demo analyses modularized with SootKeeper. It can be used to recreate our evalation of the tool, but for this please consult the guidelines in the GitHub repository.