IEEE SCAM 2021 - Cooking with the Chair

Feel free to make whatever you like and tell us about it at the event. In case you want to cook along with me, here is what I'll be making:

Schnitzel with Potato Salad

Scheduling a cooking event for a global event is not really easy as it probably won't fit into your day. However, we'll be making something that can be your dinner or lunch, and if you are daring even your breakfast (Hello, US west coast) or your midnight snack (Hi Australia!). Something that everyone likes: Schnitzel! And yes, we have you covered whether you are omnivorous, carnivorous, vegetarian, or vegan.

Shopping list (2 persons, with some leftover to snack on during conference sessions)



Tools needed: One pot, one pan, a knife, a cutting board, three rectangular flat bowls, and a salad bowl

Preparation (in the morning or whenever convenient up to 24hrs before the start)

  1. Cook the potatoes in salted water: Put them in cold and then start the stove -- old rule: if it grows under the earth, start with cold water, if it grows above start with hot water.
  2. If they are soft in the middle if you pinch them with a fork they are ready. Drain, let them cool, and then peel.
  3. Vegetarian, vegan: Peel and cut the celeriac root into slices of roughly 1.5cm thickness. Save the rest of the root for stock or more Schnitzel. Cook the roots in salted water for 10 minutes. They should still be somewhat firm but cooked.
  4. Carnivorous, Omnivorous: If the meat you picked isn't already cut thin, then put it between two pieces of plastic wrap (or similar) and beat with a heavy pan or hammer until thin.
  5. Put everything into the fridge when cooled down appropriately.

Mise en place (Basically, what to have prepared before we start on time)

  1. Get everything out of the fridge that you prepared.
  2. Wash the lettuce.
  3. Prepare the three rectangular flat bowls in this order: flour, egg (or plant milk), breadcrumbs.

Everything else we'll do at the cooking event. See you there!